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2020 Shredder Truck Schedule

Full schedule available by March 16, 2020.

Special Discount

For members with a large amount of material to shred – perhaps from an estate or a small business - our partner Legal Shred is offering a special 10% discount for any Hudson Valley Credit Union member who contacts them for a home shredding service between now and September 15, 2020. Call them at 844-SHRED-00 (844-747-3300) for a quote or to make an appointment. Please be prepared to provide the name and address that matches your credit union account. Legal Shred will verify membership with the credit union based on that information prior to your appointment. You do not need to provide any member or account numbers.

Shred Event Details

Shred your confidential materials for free at these shredder truck events. Many thanks to our partner Legal Shred for helping us provide this free service for members.

With the increasing popularity of our events, we've had to change locations and use larger community spaces instead of our branches. Please note locations carefully. Also, please remember the following important information regarding these events:

  • Our shredder events take place rain or shine.
  • Be prepared to wait in line as much as 15-60 minutes or longer. If your items are heavy, we suggest bringing a rolling cart of some kind to assist you as you move through the line. Staff at the event are unable to move items for you due to insurance restrictions.
  • Each member is limited to three boxes of materials; boxes should be no larger than 12” x 17” x 9”. If you have more than three boxes of materials or your boxes are larger, you may be asked to shred only a partial amount before returning to the back of the line. Staff at the event reserve the right to refuse large volumes of materials so that all members may have an opportunity to use the service. Please see the special discount information at the top of the page from our partner Legal Shred.
  • Whenever possible, DO NOT bring materials in paper or plastic bags that may rip as you wait in line.
  • Only confidential materials should be recycled. Other materials such as newspapers, magazines, and manila folders  should be recycled through your local municipality’s service.
  • Each event is on a first come/first serve basis and may end before the advertised time. Once the truck is full, we cannot accept further material for shredding.
Event Schedule
  Additional dates in May and June will be announced by March 16, 2020.

* Please note, these events are sponsored by the credit union for the benefit of the non-profit location listed. All staff at these events are non-profit volunteers. If you know of a non-profit interested in hosting a paper shred event, please contact with their details so we can reach out to them.

What items can I bring to recycle?

We accept only confidential material at these community events, so the easy answer is anything with a signature, account number, social security number, or medical or legal information. Things like financial statements, legal documents, tax returns, credit offers, and health records should be brought to this event. See the “Acceptable Materials to Shred” section of this page for complete details. Magazines and other mail with your name/address should be recycled through your local municipality.

What if I have more than three boxes?

We limit the amount each member can recycle so that as many members as possible can take advantage of this free service. If you have more than three boxes or boxes that are larger than 12” x 17” x 9”, you may be asked to recycle some of your items, and then return to the end of the line to allow others the opportunity to recycle as well. Credit Union staff have final discretion and may limit the amount any one member recycles.

Will someone help me move my items?

Staff at the event cannot help members move their items, so please be prepared to move them, either with a cart or by bringing a friend or family member with you to help. 

Can I just drop off my items and leave?

No, members must remain on line with their material to be recycled. Lines can get very long, and there is typically no area to sit nor shade. Please be mindful if the day is sunny and/or hot and dress appropriately.

Am I guaranteed to be able to recycle my items?

No, since we do not take reservations for this free service, we cannot estimate how many members will come to each event. That is why we clearly state that the events are on a first come/first serve basis, and may end before the advertised time. If the truck fills with material, we will end the event early.

You used to have an event at every branch – why can’t you go back to that schedule?

As our events have become more popular, we no longer have the space to host them in our parking lots. We have tried to find local community partners to host the events, and do our best to have at least one event in each County during the year. If you know of a non-profit organization that would like to host an event, please contact with the group’s name and contact information.

Do I need identification for the event?

Please be prepared to show proof of credit union membership (Debit, credit, or ATM card; statement copy, etc.)

Acceptable Materials to Shred