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Economic Impact Payments

The US Treasury began issuing Economic Impact Payments on 4/15, however HVCU does not know which members have yet to receive payments. We suggest you check your account balances first on Internet or Mobile Banking to see if you have received your payment. When looking at your balances, you may also see a pending transaction in your account details prior to receiving your check. If you do NOT see a deposit yet, please visit the IRS website for this program to check your payment status and to answer any questions you may have.

Please be advised that the funds could be sent to you in the form of a debit card or paper check, as opposed to electronic deposit. These debit cards are not fraudulent and should not be discarded. For more information about receiving your payment on a debit card, check out the official EIP debit card site
Additionally, if you receive a paper check in the mail, remember that you can deposit your check via our Mobile Banking app. If you are not already a Mobile Banking user, you can download our app from The App Store or Google Play. If you are a first-time Mobile Deposit user, view our tip info to get started.
Please understand that this program is administered by the Federal Government and the credit union has no additional information beyond what appears on the IRS website. Please know that we work diligently to process all deposits received from the Treasury.