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HV$end: Person-to-Person Payments

You don’t need to write a check, exchange account numbers, or carry cash to pay people. With HV$end, you can securely send and receive money — just as you might do through other online payment services, such as PayPal.

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    Use your HVCU Visa® Debit Card to pay rent or roommates, cover shared expenses (like family-plan phone bills), reimburse friends, send gifts, pay for babysitting or lawn care, and more.
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    Use just a recipient's email address or a cell phone number to send money. The money you send goes directly from your HVCU Visa® Debit Card to the recipient's debit card or account, within one to three business days. Note: If sending your payment to an email, notify your recipient to be on the lookout for an email from P2P ( The email will provide instructions for collecting the funds.
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    A payment recipient can credit funds to a debit card or any account they choose. If a recipient's financial institution does not accept payments to a debit card, then you'll need the account number and transit routing number of the financial institution.
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    Access HV$end from within Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking app.

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Why Pay with HV$end?

  • It is free to use and you are not charged a fee to send your payments.
  • There are no fees to receive payments through HV$end, so recipients receive the full amount sent to them.
  • Recipients don’t have to bring cash or checks to a branch to deposit their money.
  • Recipients do not have to be HVCU members.
  • You can create and save contacts for people you pay regularly. HV$end also stores your debit card info for future payments.
  • Recipients don’t see your account information. They only see your name, email address (if applicable), and the memo you include with your payment.


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