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Credit vs. Debit Transactions

Visa Debit Card reward points require signature-authorized transactions to earn points. PIN-based, point-of-sale, ATM transactions, cash withdrawals, and checks do not earn points.

Remember that some merchants do not have you sign for purchases under $50 or $25. In these instances, you still earn points even if you don’t physically sign. As long as you don’t enter a PIN, you earn points.

Visa Debit Card transactions are processed as either credit transactions or debit transactions.


  • Credit transactions are also referred to as signature-based transactions.
  • You swipe your Visa Debit Card and select credit on the keypad (and often hit “cancel”), or tell a sales associate it is a credit transaction.
  • You sign for your transaction and no PIN is required.
  • Your transaction is not withdrawn from your account immediately and will be held against your available balance.
  • Your transaction appears with the merchant name.
  • Purchases made over the phone and via the internet are processed as credit transactions.
  • Debit transactions are also referred to as PIN-based. There are two types of PIN-based transactions: POS and ATM.
  • You swipe your Visa Debit Card and select debit on the keypad.
  • You enter your PIN on the keypad.
  • Your transaction is debited from a designated checking account immediately.
  • Your transaction is posted with the merchant address and appears as an ATM transaction.
  • The ATM daily withdrawal limit is $750 (combined HVCU and non-HVCU ATMs) per card per day. Please refer to the Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure & Agreement for further information.