Financial Education for Schools & Students

HVCU partners provide financial education tools giving students important financial lessons.

As a financial institution, we understand that the best path to financial wellness starts early in life. However, as of 2023, 23 states require a stand-alone high school course on personal finances. HVCU actively works with teachers throughout the districts we serve to incorporate financial education into their curriculum. These courses, provided by our partners Banzai and EverFi, offer fun and engaging exercises that give students the opportunity to learn life’s most important financial lessons.

If you’d like to learn more or are interested in Banzai and EverFi’s programs, please email and a team member will be in touch with you. 

Banzai logo

Banzai is a financial education curriculum that incorporates both online and hard-copy lessons for middle schools. With a nationwide reach, Banzai’s courses go beyond state standards for personal finance education and help students understand the importance of the subject by providing real life scenarios. Topics range from unexpected and emergency expenses, such as medical bills and parking tickets, to standard financial practices, such as paying for bills and balancing a budget. 


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EverFi for high schools gives students a completely digital financial education experience. Through gaming and simulations, the program prepares students for life after graduation by increasing their knowledge of taxes, insurance, credit reports, 401(k)’s, and other critical personal finance concepts. Upon the completion of their course, students are awarded with a Certification in Financial Literacy which can be used on resumes and college applications. 


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