Legislative Action

We make sure that the interest of our members is at the heart of keeping our organization safe and strong.

By joining Hudson Valley Credit Union, you made the smart choice to protect your financial future. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we are owned and organized by members like you. The credit union difference is rooted in “people helping people.” Our non-profit status means that all “profits” are returned to members in the form of higher savings rates, lower loan rates, and stronger capital reserves.

Keeping our members’ best interest at the forefront of all we do is at the heart of maintaining a safe and strong cooperative. We continuously advocate and educate our local, state, and federal legislators on issues affecting our credit union and our members. We always want to make sure your voice is heard. Elected officials hear from paid lobbyists all the time, but there is nothing more powerful than stories they hear directly from their constituents. Connecting with your legislators via email, social media, or phone is easy. If you have stories of how HVCU has helped you, your family, or your business, find your representatives today. Find lawmakers in your area.

Now more than ever, we rely on our legislators to make sure that the interests of the credit union community are at the forefront of their financial legislation discussions. Groups such as CULAC –Credit Union Legislative Action Committee – work to support candidates that understand and advocate for credit unions and their members. 

  • CULAC donations support Congressional candidates who are credit-union friendly, regardless of party affiliation
  • 96% of the candidates CULAC supported in the 2022 elections won their seats
  • CULAC is bipartisan, supporting members of both political parties 
  • Convenient, secure online donations make donating to CULAC easy

Learn more about CULAC and how your donation can help us elect more credit union-friendly legislators

What We’re Faced with Today

Monitoring for Our Members

We have entered a new era of what it truly means to be there for one another. That is why Hudson Valley Credit Union constantly monitors the latest issues in the financial industry to ensure that we keep our members and their assets safe and secure. Some examples of trending issues include:

  • Data breaches and merchant accountability
  • Rising fraud and the toll it takes on our members
  • The threat of credit union taxation
  • Human resource issues that can affect who and how we hire

HVCU works to educate those in political power about the impact their legislative choices have on our members and our ability to serve them. If you would like to help us tell the story of Your Credit Union Difference, email us at community@hvcu.org.

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