Online Banking Account Details

View your accounts and transactions 24/7 through Internet Banking and our Mobile Banking app.

Account Dashboard & Details

The Dashboard is the main landing area when you log into Internet Banking and displays your HVCU accounts, any external accounts you link through account aggregation, actionable alert items, and recent/upcoming account activity. You can also view your accounts from the Accounts option under the Accounts & Loans menu. Below is some additional info related to viewing and accessing your accounts:

  • Reorder Accounts: Reorder your accounts within categories (savings, checking, etc) from the Accounts tab in Settings.

  • Debits & Credits: Transactions for accounts such as savings, checking, and tiered money market accounts have been broken out into debits and credits so that you can more easily distinguish the money coming into and going out of your accounts. Transactions for loans remain in one column.

  • Search: Search your transaction history by specific words, dates, transaction amounts, check numbers, and more.

  • Sort Accounts: Sort your account details by date, description, debits, credits, and balance. 

  • Dividends & MICR Numbers: Extended account details show dividends earned year-to-date, dividends earned in the previous year, and the ACH/MICR number you can use for electronic transactions. Both accounts and loans have MICR Numbers for reference. The MICR number is located in the Account Details tab of a given account and is labeled ACH/MICR Number. The routing number is located at the bottom of every page of our site and is also located in the Account Details tab.

  • Budgeting: Easily categorize your transactions to analyze your spending habits.

  • Mortgage Information: Click on your mortgage account to view mortgage details and transaction history.

  • Credit Card Information: Click on your credit card account to view balance, payments, and transaction history information.

  • Vehicle Leases: If you have a vehicle lease, you can view details about your lease loan.

  • Download Transactions: Download your transaction in CSV, OFX, Quicken WebConnect, and Quickbooks formats.

Mobile Banking Snapshot

The Snapshot feature is available on iPhone or Android devices (excluding tablets), and lets you view your accounts at a glance without logging into our Mobile Banking app. You can turn the Snapshot functionality on or off through the Settings menu. You can log into Mobile Banking from the Snapshot screen to view account activity or perform transactions.

The Snapshot feature is also available on Apple Watch and Android Wear devices, and can be downloaded from the applicable app store for each device. The Snapshot feature must be enabled within Mobile Banking in order for it to appear on your wearable device.

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