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eStatements FAQs

What is an eStatement?

An eStatement is an electronic version of your Member Account Statement.

Do I have to be an Internet Banking or Mobile Banking user to use eStatements?

You do need to be an Internet Banking or Mobile Banking user to use our eStatements service.

Are eStatements secure?

Security is one of the best benefits of eStatements.  Only you can access your statements through the security of Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and Business Internet Banking, and its use of multi-layered security and authentication. eStatements also eliminates the possibility of statements being lost or tampered with in your mail.

How do I know when new eStatements are available for viewing?

Each month, you will receive an email notification that your eStatement is ready for viewing. To view your statement, you can sign on to Internet Banking or Mobile Banking at any time and click the Electronic Documents link from the Electronic Documents menu.

How long are my eStatements available?

You have access to the most recent 15 months of historical statements.  You can also retain your statements indefinitely by printing or saving them to your computer or other storage device.

How can I download or save an eStatement to my computer?

Depending on your browser there are a few different ways an eStatement can be downloaded.  You can open the eStatement and then use the file menu to “save-as” to your computer.  You can also right-click the document and “save target as” in most supported browsers.

Can I view my credit card information in eStatements?

eStatements does not contain information about your HVCU credit cards. Your credit card transactions are available by logging into Internet Banking or Mobile Banking and selecting your credit card.

When I try to access my eStatements I receive the message: “You have been logged out due to inactivity.” Under what circumstances does this message appear?

This message appears after 10 minutes of eStatements inactivity, but it will also appear if your browser is blocking third-party cookies from our eStatements site. Please contact us for assistance if your browser is blocking third-party cookies. Our staff can provide you with the necessary instructions for setting up a security exception to allow connection to our eStatements site.

Useful Resources

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