Mobile Wallet

Available for personal and business HVCU Visa®1 debit and credit cards.

Make purchases conveniently through mobile apps and virtually anywhere you can swipe or tap your debit and credit cards.

Your transactions are safe and confidential as merchants never receive any part of your specific credit or debit card information, such as your name, card number, security code, etc. Mobile wallets do not send your actual card number with your payments, and instead, use a virtual / device-specific account number to represent your card.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay®2

Making Your HVCU Card Your Default Apple Pay Card

Where You Can Use Apple Pay

What to Do If You Lose Your Apple Device

Apple Pay Terms and Conditions

Go to the Wallet on your device and tap 
Add Credit or Debit Card

Google Pay

 Google PayTM3

Making Your HVCU Card Your Default Google Pay Card

What to Do If You Lose Your Android Device

Google Pay Terms and Conditions

Download GOOGLE PAY for iOS

Download GOOGLE PAY for Android

Samsung wallet icon

Samsung Wallet®4

Making Your HVCU Card Your Default Samsung Pay Card

What to Do If You Lose Your Samsung Device

Samsung Pay Terms and Conditions

If you have a supported device, Samsung Wallet is already installed on our phone

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