Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks securely and directly into your HVCU saving, checking, or tiered money market accounts.

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Save a trip to the branch and use your mobile device to deposit a check through our Mobile Banking app.   

Mobile Deposit Overview

  • Please note the following regarding our mobile deposit limits:

    • Non-business members can deposit $10,000 per day and up to $30,000 over a rolling 30-day period. 
    • New members in their first 30 days of membership have a daily limit of $1,500 and a rolling 30-day limit of $6,000. 
    • Business members can deposit $30,000 per day and up to $60,000 over a rolling 30-day period.

  • The first $225 of your deposit is generally available immediately and the remainder of the deposit is available the second business day after the day of your deposit. For example, if you deposit a $700 check on a Monday, $225 is available on Monday, with the remaining $475 available on Wednesday. Longer delays may apply under the following circumstances:

    • We believe a deposited check will not be paid.
    • You deposit checks totaling more than $5,000 on any one day.
    • You redeposit a check that was returned unpaid.
    • You have repeatedly overdrawn your account in the last six months.
    • There is an emergency, such as a failure of computer equipment.
    • Please refer to the funds availability policy in our Truth in Savings Disclosure & Account Agreement for additional information.

  • To expedite your mobile check deposits, enable the auto capture setting within Mobile Deposit. Instead of having to manually snap a photo of both sides of a check during the deposit process, auto capture will automatically take a photo of your check as soon as the check is focused and lined up.
  • Write For Mobile Deposit Only or For HVCU Mobile Deposit Only along with your member account number and account ID under your signature. In lieu of writing either of these phrases, you can also check the preprinted mobile deposit check mark, if printed on your check.

  • Our app provides warning messages when errors with deposits are detected. When issues are identified, this helps you correct them before submitting your checks for deposit. Warning messages may indicate that a check image is too dark or the endorsement on the back of the item is not detected. Some devices will even let you choose between manual and automatic image capture.
  • Get confirmation on your mobile device for each successful deposit.
  • There may be a delay of approximately five minutes between when you deposit a check and when the deposit info shows within your account details. If you don't see a deposit, you may want to log out of our app and back in to see the deposit.
  • Please retain any checks you deposit through Mobile Deposit for 62 days. After that period you can destroy them securely.

  • View our Mobile Banking & Mobile Deposit FAQs and our Mobile Deposit Services Agreement for more info.

Having Trouble Capturing Your Check Images?

 View these troubleshooting tips for better images and usage:

  • Ensure that signatures do not extend into the MICR line because this will cause an issue with the check recognition software.
  • Place your checks on a solid-colored surface, in a well-lit area.
  • Avoid shadows on your check.
  • Keep your check as flat as possible.
  • Make sure your camera lens is clean.
  • Tap your device screen to trigger the auto-focus.

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