Card Management

Extra security for Visa® Debit and Credit Cards that is completely self-service.

The Card Management & Rewards feature within Internet Banking and Mobile Banking allows you to block and unblock transactions on your Visa debit and credit cards at will -- offering you additional security that is completely self-service. When a card is blocked, no transactions are allowed, including signature or POS transactions and ATM withdrawals. Conversely, an unblocked card allows all transactions. If you are someone who likes strict security, you could even keep your cards in the locked state and only unblock them when you want to make a purchase.

With this feature, if your card is lost or stolen you can immediately block the card to help prevent others from using it. If your card is lost or stolen, we ask that you still contact us so that we can make arrangements to send you a replacement card.

When you register a card, you can elect to receive alerts by text or email any time a transaction has been made with your card.

Please review the Card Management (Controls) terms and conditions for more information about this service.

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