MAGIC Phone Banking

MAGIC is our audio response phone banking system that gives you 24-hour access to your account information. Call 845.463.3011, option #2, and follow the prompts to bank with MAGIC.

  • MAGIC is available in English or Spanish.
  • Easy-to-use menus quickly get you to functions you want to perform. 

To request MAGIC access, call us at 845.463.3011 or stop into any of our branches.

With MAGIC, You Can:

  • Obtain both your actual and available balance, in the event that you have an item pending like a debit card transaction or check hold.
  • Perform transfers between your accounts, including joint accounts, as well as transfer to another member’s account.
  • Search your account history by specifying the type of transaction, a single or range of cleared checks, or ATM and ACH transactions. You can also select the number of transactions you would like to hear (up to 10 at a time).
  • Obtain mortgage and credit card information, and make payments to these loans.
  • Make loan payments and obtain information including payment amounts and due dates.
  • Advance funds from a line of credit and transfer the money to one of your accounts.
  • Get year-to-date IRA contributions, dividends earned, and review interest paid (other than mortgages and credit cards).
  • Hear pending ACH transactions and schedule transfers or review existing scheduled transfers.
  • The system allows you to make menu choices as quickly as you need to without the need to wait for a prompt. 
  • Leading 0's are dropped for account and loan IDs (for example Savings 0001 is Savings 1, Classic Checking 0201 is Classic Checking 201, and Loan 003 is Loan 3. 
  • A list of your available accounts and loans plays automatically if no choice is made. 
  • Each menu or sub-menu offers the option to either return to the previous menu or the main menu. 
  • When you make an account transfer, MAGIC accepts entries for both dollars and cents. A decimal point/special character is not needed when transferring funds (i.e. enter $10.00 as 1000).
  • When calling our Contact Center, your MAGIC PIN allows you to verify your identity and obtain account information such as the available balance and last deposit on your most recently used checking account, without waiting to speak to a representative.
  • If you need to obtain additional account information or perform other transactions after getting info about your checking account, your identity will already be verified when you reach a Contact Center Specialist.

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