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For those who need extra money now and then, looking around your own home might uncover treasures that can be sold online. There are new sales sites popping up all the time, but some don't have a huge audience of built-in buyers. Here are a few that are well-populated and perfect for making a little extra cash.


This is one of the oldest third-party sales sites that is still around, and for good reason. They have an enormous number of accounts and millions of people search the site daily for items they want to buy. With this site, you get the benefits of the major marketing the site does without having to do your own marketing. You may be charged a small listing fee for each item, and there is a commission fee after a sale is made. They have both fixed-price listings and auctions. Sellers can offer local pickup or ship the item to the buyer. When shipping, you can offer free shipping or charge the buyer your shipping costs.


Many people have started their own crafting businesses by selling their creations on Etsy. The site specializes in handmade and vintage items. Etsy charges a small listing fee for each item and has a much smaller commission fee than eBay. It may not get as much traffic as eBay, but it does have a lot of passionate followers who love the unique items sold on the site. The seller handles the shipping, and you can list with free shipping or charge a shipping price.


This is one of the largest of the third-party sales apps. It is mostly known for clothing, but it also has robust sections that sell everything from video game consoles to home decor. Mercari charges a selling fee and payment processing fee for each sale, but has no listing fees. It has an area for vintage and antique items from furniture to toy cars. Many people love this app because of its Mercari NOW feature, which handles delivery of an item without the buyer and seller ever having to meet up in person.  


This app began as a way to sell items locally, with all items being picked up locally. However, they have expanded into nationwide sales and items can now be shipped. The app does not charge any listing fees and charges a final commission fee only when you are shipping the item to the buyer. OfferUp sends a shipping label to the seller when the sale is made. This app is known for its wide range of items sold through it. Everything and the kitchen sink can be sold through this app.

Facebook Marketplace

With so many people spending time on Facebook, it's only natural that they would use it to make a little extra money. The Marketplace does not charge a fee to list an item, and there is no commission charged, but there are fees to use their payment system. The site charges a small flat rate and a small commission fee for everything sold and paid through their commerce system. The site is mostly known for its local items, and is a good site to sell large items that are difficult to ship. The items for sale include everything from rugs to cars. It has the advantage of having an enormous amount of traffic already on the site.


ThredUp is an enormous marketplace just for clothing, shoes, and accessories. This site works a little bit differently from most. It has sellers mail their items to ThredUp where they are kept in a huge warehouse. Then, the site lists the items for sale. When an item sells, a portion of the sales price is paid to the buyer. For low-priced items, the payout amount can be extremely low. The site is better for higher-priced items that earn a higher percentage of the total. ThredUp features clothing for women, girls and boys.


Poshmark is another marketplace that is dedicated to clothing, shoes, and accessories. It has a social networking system to help people build communities within the app. There is no listing fee to sell items, but there are commissions. When an item sells, there is a flat fee charged for lower-priced items under $15 and a commission percentage charged on prices $15 or more. Sellers set their prices for their items, and then Poshmark adds on a flat shipping fee. Buyers are charged shipping directly by Poshmark, and then Poshmark pays for the seller's shipping to the buyer. Unlike ThredUp, Poshmark does sell men’s clothing.


More and more of the Amazon marketplace is becoming populated with third-party sellers. The site has complicated rules about what can and can't be listed, and they charge a flat rate plus a hefty commission on every sale. They also have the option to have no flat fee for each sale and a flat rate each month for a membership instead. But, it has one of the largest audiences for sellers in the world. Items that are well-photographed and well-priced generally sell quickly on this site. They also offer the Fulfillment by Amazon option. This allows sellers to mail their items to Amazon, and then the site ships it to the buyer when a sale is made.

If you need extra cash, there are always plenty of options to help you make it happen. Some people even make online selling into a part-time or full-time job. Keep in mind there are other sites in addition to those listed above. As you begin selling, test drive a few sites until you find the ones that work best for the types of items you are selling.

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