Online Banking Transfers

Transfer between your HVCU accounts, accounts at other financial institutions, or other HVCU members.
  • When you access Transfers from the Transfers & Payments menu in Internet Banking, you'll see tabs for Make a Transfer, Scheduled, Activity, and More Actions.

    Transfer Menu Screenshot

    • The Make a Transfer tab allows you to transfer funds between your accounts, to another HVCU member, or accounts you have at another financial institution.
    • You can set the frequency for a transfer, whether one time, daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, semi-monthly, or every four weeks.  
    • You can make immediate transfers or schedule transfers for dates in the future. You can view any future transfers via the Scheduled tab, and this detail will include all scheduled transfers, whether you set them up through Internet Baking or Mobile Banking or directly via assistance from our staff.
    • The Activity tab provides a summary of just your transfer activity. You can filter transactions by From Account, To Account, Date, or Status (succeeded, failed, canceled or pending).
    • The More Actions tab is where you go to add a new transfer account, whether an account for another HVCU member or an account you have at another financial institution.  

    Please note: Our Mobile Banking app offers the same transfer functionality as noted above, but presents the features a bit differently since Mobile Banking is not organized into tabs.  

  • Both Internet Banking and Mobile Banking provide the ability to transfer funds to other HVCU members through the More Actions tab within the Transfers function.

    member to member transfer intro image

    Below are some tips related to this transfer feature:

    • You can schedule transfers and set up recurring transfers to other credit union members. 
    • You need the transfer recipient's member account number and account (share) or loan ID for the account you would like to transfer to (i.e. checking, savings, etc.)
    • If your transfer recipient has a space or punctuation in their last name, you may need to remove the space or punctuation in order to add the recipient.
    • When setting up a recipient, there is an option to save the recipient for future transfers. Be sure to check the Save Account for Future Use box if you regularly transfer to the member or if you think you'll transfer funds to them again in the future.
    • When you add someone as a transfer recipient, an email notification is sent to both you and the recipient, indicating that they have been added as your recipient. 
    • You can change the nickname for a transfer recipient via the Accounts option within Settings. Look for the recipient within the type of account you added, i.e. savings, checking, etc.
  • With the external accounts function, you can transfer from your credit union accounts to accounts you have at other financial institutions. Depending on your financial institution, some accounts can be added instantly, while others may require you to add your account manually. If you are setting up an account manually, you will need your account number and the routing number of the institution where you have your account.

    link external account image

    There are a few ways you can link external accounts within Internet Banking and Mobile Banking:

    • Within Internet Banking:
      • Add an external account via the More Actions tab within the Transfers function. You'll be given the option to add an account instantly or manually. 
      • Add an external account via the Accounts tab within Settings. Click the Link an External Account link and then Add an account to transfer money. You'll be given the option to add an account manually. 
    • Within Mobile Banking:
      • Add an external account via the Add Account tile within the Transfers function. You'll be given the option to add an account instantly or manually. 
      • Add an external account via the Link and View External Accounts feature at the bottom of your Accounts overview (iOS devices only).

    Test Transactions

    As part of the process of setting up an external account for transfers, you are required to send two deposit transactions to the account you are linking. It may take up to three business days for these transactions to appear in your transaction history. To confirm your deposits, select Settings / Accounts / Confirm Test Deposit. 

    Linking Your Account

    Please note: Setting up an account for external transfers does not automatically show your external account along with your HVCU accounts in your account overview. To view the account within your account overview, you will need to link your account via the External Accounts Link feature, which can be found on the Dashboard or via the Accounts tab within Settings.

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