Tap and Go

Contactless HVCU Visa® Debit and Credit Cards are a safe, easy way to pay.

Secure and Versatile

Speed up the checkout experience with the convenience of your HVCU Visa Debit or Credit Card.
  • Fast: Payments processed in less time than swiping or inserting your card.
  • Touch-free: Simply tap your card at the checkout terminal.
  • Protected: The same dynamic security as chip cards.
Image of Visa platinum credit card and debit card

Contactless Icon  Identifying Whether or Not Your Card is Contactless

Your card is enabled to take full advantage of contactless technology. If you’re having doubts as to whether or not your card has the ability to tap-and-go, look for the contactless symbol located on the front of your HVCU Visa Debit or Credit Card.

How to Use Your Contactless Card

Magnifying glass with wifi icon in centerLocate

Find the contactless symbol 
when you’re checking out.

Hand holding contactless cardTap

Simply tap your card 
on the checkout terminal.

Thumbs upGo

No time wasted! Your payment 
is processed in seconds.

Contactless Cards FAQ

Anywhere you see the contactless symbol.

The card must be within 1-2 inches of the contactless symbol on the checkout terminal.

Approximately 1-2 seconds. The contactless reader may function best if you tap the chip on the payment reader where you see the contactless symbol.

Yes, your card still has the ability to swipe or insert to complete your transaction.

Yes. Contactless payments are accompanied by a one-time security code that protects your payment information.  Additionally, there’s no way you can make an accidental payment because of the proximity your card needs to be to the transaction terminal.

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