Visa® Platinum Perks

Cell Phone Protection1

Supplemental reimbursement for damage or theft of an eligible cell phone. Monthly cell phone bill must be charged to covered card. In addition to cell phones, certain types of personal digital assistants (PDA’s) that are also cell phones are eligible when terms and conditions of the benefit are met. Only cell phones purchased by the eligible cardholder are covered. Eligible cell phones are limited to the primary line and up to the first two secondary, additional, or supplemental lines as listed on the cardholder’s cellular provider monthly billing statement for the billing cycle preceding the month in which the theft or damage occurred. To file a claim, call 1.866.894.8569.

Purchase Security and Extended Protection2

Purchase Security will replace, repair, or reimburse covered cardholders up to a maximum of $10,000 in the event of theft or damage. Extended Protection doubles the time period of the original manufacturer’s written U.S. repair warranty up to one full year on warranties of three years or less and up to a maximum of $10,000 per claim. To file a claim, call 1.800.553.4820.

Return Protection

Offers reimbursement to cardholders on items they purchase. If a cardholder makes an eligible purchase with a covered card and is dissatisfied with that item for any reason (within 90 days from the date of purchase) Return Protection will reimburse the cardholder up to $250 per item and up to $1,000 annually per account. To file a claim, call 1.888.565.8472.

Lost and Stolen Card Reporting

Visa Customer Care Services (VCCS) takes calls from cardholders or third parties when a Visa card has been lost, stolen, or is subject to fraud. VCCS collects service requests of lost or stolen cards, blocks accounts when a full card number is available, and immediately notifies the issuer of all service requests. To use this service, call 1.800.847.2911.

Baggage Delay Insurance

Baggage delay benefit of up to $300 to cover expenses incurred for the emergency purchase of essential items while on a covered trip. Answers to specific questions or to file a claim can be obtained by writing to:

CBSI Enhancement Services
550 Mamaroneck Avenue, Suite 309
Harrison, NY 10528

Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance

Accidental death & dismemberment insurance for primary cardholder and immediate family members when scheduled travel tickets are purchased with the card. Answers to specific questions can be obtained in writing to:

CBSI Enhancement Services
550 Mamaroneck Avenue, Suite 309
Harrison, NY 10528

Roadside Dispatch®3

For roadside assistance, call 800.VISA.TOW (1.800.847.2869).

Roadside Dispatch is a pay-per-use roadside assistance program provided expressly for Visa cardholders. The program provides you with security and convenience wherever your travel takes you. 

No membership or pre-enrollment is required. No annual dues. No limit on usage.

For a set price per service call, the program provides:

  • Standard Towing - Up to 5 miles included4
  • Tire Changing - must have good, inflated spare
  • Jump Starting
  • Lockout Service (no key replacement)
  • Fuel Delivery - up to 5 gallons (plus the cost of fuel)
  • Standard Winching

Roadside Dispatch will ask you where you are, what the problem is, and while they remain on the phone with you, they will arrange a dispatch to a reliable tow operator or locksmith to provide help. (If you feel you are in an unsafe location – Roadside Dispatch will advise you to hang up and dial 911. If you are not able to dial 911, they will call the non-emergency police number in your area, and will remain on the phone with you at your request until the police arrive.) You have the convenience of one toll-free phone number and you may save money because their rates are pre-negotiated.

Dependable roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the United States. No membership or pre-enrollment is required. Just call Roadside Dispatch toll-free when you need them.

Visa Travel and Emergency Services (TEAS)

Encountering an emergency situation away from home can be a frightening experience. That’s why we’ve created a 24‐hour assistance center for covered cardholders. TEAS covers cardholders and their spouses and dependent children 22 years of age or under who are traveling with them. TEAS is available by calling a dedicated toll‐free number in the United States, or through a collect telephone number when traveling abroad, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This program provides assistance only. Cardholders are responsible for the cost of any services received. To use any of the following service, call 1.800.992.6029.

  • Pre‐Trip Assistance – Provides information about health precautions, weather reports, currency exchange rates, visas, and immunizations.
  • Medical Referral Assistance – Provides medical referral, monitoring, and follow‐up.
  • Emergency Transportation Assistance – Arranges for transportation under medical supervision.
  • Emergency Message Service – Relays emergency messages for travelers and is available 24 hours a day.
  • Prescription Assistance and Valuable Document Delivery Arrangements – Accommodates unexpected prescription needs or transports critical documents, which may have been left at home or elsewhere.
  • Legal Referral Assistance – Arranges contact with English‐speaking attorneys, U.S. embassies and consulates, bail‐bond assistance, cash advances, and follow‐up assistance.
  • Emergency Ticket Replacement – Arranges for the replacement and delivery of new tickets, and assists with ticket reimbursement procedures.
  • Lost Luggage Locator Service – Arranges cash advances required due to lost luggage, and assistance with obtaining applicable insurance payments when the carrier is unable to locate lost items.
  • Emergency Translation Service – Provides telephone assistance in all major languages and helps find local interpreters, if available.

TEAS is provided on a best‐efforts basis, and may not be available due to problems of time, distance, or location. The third‐party service provider and their contractors are not responsible for the availability, cost, use, or results of any medical, legal, or transportation service. TEAS provides assistance and referral only; cardholders are responsible for the cost of any actual medical, legal, cash advance, or other service(s) used.

Emergency Card Replacement

This service provides emergency card replacements to Visa cardholders who are in need of a replacement card, (i.e., their Visa card has been lost or stolen) while traveling here or abroad. To use this service, call 1.800.847.2911.

Emergency Cash Disbursement

This service provides emergency cash disbursements, usually within hours, to Visa cardholders who are in need of cash (i.e., their Visa card has been lost or stolen) while traveling here or abroad. To use this service, call 1.800.847.2911.

Additional Benefits for Visa Signature Cardholders

In addition to the above perks, Visa Signature cardholders also receive the following:

Lost Luggage5,6

Travel with greater peace of mind with supplemental reimbursement for checked or carry-on luggage and its contents due to theft or misdirection by a carrier. To use this service, call 1.800.757.1274.

Price Protection5,7

Provides reimbursement, within sixty (60) days of purchase, for the difference between the price paid for an eligible item and a lower advertised price for the same item. To use this service, call 1.800.553.7520.

Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption5,8

Purchase tickets with your Visa Signature credit card and receive reimbursement for the cost of your scheduled passenger fare for a covered trip in the event the trip must be canceled or interrupted due to covered reasons.

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Important Legal Disclosures & Information

Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Services Association and used under license.

Cell Phone Protection has a $50 deductible, up to $200 reimbursement per claim, two claims per year.

Purchase Security and Extended Protection covers purchases made within 90 days.

Customers must pay service provider for mileage over 5 miles. A secondary unit being towed is not included but can be accommodated for an additional fee. Standard Winching applies within 100 feet of paved or county maintained road only. Current fee for a standard service call is $79.95. Additional fees may apply for winching services under certain circumstances. Service call fees are subject to change at any time; however, callers will be notified of pricing prior to any service dispatch. This program may be discontinued at any time without prior notice. Program void where prohibited. 

Any vehicle with wheels is covered under the program as long as it can be classified as "Light Duty". "Light Duty" vehicles are vehicles that weigh 10,000 lbs, or less. Vehicles weighing more than 10,000 lbs. are considered "Medium Duty" or "Heavy Duty" and are not covered under this program.

Additional Terms: Service providers supplying emergency roadside assistance and towing are independent contractors and are solely liable for their service. Neither Visa nor HVCU shall have responsibility or liability in connection with the rendering of the service. Emergency roadside assistance and towing many not be available in areas not regularly traveled, nor in other "off-road" areas not accessible by ordinary towing vehicles. Weather conditions, time of day, and availability of service may affect assistance responses. Expectations for dispatch are set with customer on every call, and an expected estimated time of arrival is provided to the customer regardless of their location; however, neither Visa nor HVCU provides any assurance as to the ability of the service provider to meet such estimates. You are responsible for any roadside assistance or towing charges incurred by facilities responding to your request even if you are not with your vehicle or your vehicle is gone upon their arrival.

Signature cardholders only.

Lost Luggage covers up to $3,000.

Price Protection covers up to $250 per item, per year.

Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption covers up to $2,000 per insured person.