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Get in Touch with Lawmakers

By joining Hudson Valley Credit Union, you made the smart choice to protect your financial future. Our not-for-profit financial cooperative—owned by members like you—is tax exempt because we keep the focus on our members. All "profits" generated go back to our members as higher savings rates, lower loan rates, and stronger capital reserves.

Make Your Voice Heard

Make Your
Voice Heard

Credit unions can stay strong by staying top-of-mind with lawmakers in Washington, D.C., and Albany.

  • Elected officials hear from bank lobbyists all the time, but there is nothing more powerful than when they hear from their constituents directly.
  • It's easy to reach your legislators via email, social media, or phone.
  • Consider contacting your legislators regarding ways Hudson Valley has helped you and your family or business.
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Support Those Who Support Credit Unions

Support Those Who Support Credit Unions

CULAC - the Credit Union Legislative Action Committee - works to support political candidates that are friends to credit unions, our members, and our issues.

  • CULAC donations support Congressional and Senate candidates who are credit-union friendly, regardless of party affiliation.
  • 95% of the candidates CULAC supported in the 2016 elections won their seats.
  • Convenient, secure online donations make giving easy.
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Regulatory Burden subjects America's credit union members to:

  • Higher loan rates
  • Fewer services and products
  • Less access to modernized technology
  • Longer wait times for mortgage loans
  • Increased inconvenience on services

Here is a brief overview of some key issues that Hudson Valley is monitoring.

  • Data breaches and merchant accountability
  • The threat of credit union taxation
  • Human resource issues that can affect who and how we hire
  • NYS Robbery laws that provide lenient penalties for Demand Note Robberies
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Data Breaches

Did you know that merchants aren't subject to the same federal data protection standards as financial institutions like Hudson Valley? Since they're not accountable, some merchants may fail to invest sufficiently in data security measures resulting in vulnerability to hackers who can gain access to credit card numbers, debit card PINs, or other sensitive data. Help us advocate for more common sense data protection laws.

  • In 2017, Hudson Valley had to replace over 11,500 debit cards for members caught in data breaches.
  • When a breach occurs, not only is Hudson Valley prohibited from telling members where the breach occurred, but we are also liable for the fraud associated with the lost data and replacing those debit and credit cards.
  • Last year, the cost to replace those cards coupled with losses from fraud cases associated with breaches cost our financial cooperative more than $111,000.
  • Merchants need to be held accountable to the same strict data protection standards that we are as a financial institution.
  • Learn more and contact your legislators by visiting

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Learn more about the Campaign for Common Sense Regulations.

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