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Phone Spoofing Alert

Scam artists have been “spoofing” phone numbers for some time – hijacking a legitimate number to call people and gain access to your personal information. Unfortunately, this can happen with even the credit union’s 845.463.3011 phone number. If someone calls you claiming to be from HVCU, be sure to ask for clear information on why you’re being called. For example, our staff will never ask for your Internet Banking/Mobile Banking username and password or reset your password by phone.
If you have received any suspicious calls like this and have been asked to provide information related to your accounts or online login access, please contact us so that our staff can help you take measures to protect your accounts and personal information. Either call us immediately, send us a secure email, or live chat with one of our representatives. If you receive such a call in the future, please do not engage with the caller.
Please remember that an HVCU representative will never ask for your Internet Banking/Mobile Banking password. Please be diligent and always take the time to consider what information you are being asked to provide, whether over the phone or online, particularly when you are not initiating the interaction or inquiry. Pausing to think for just a moment can prevent someone from using your information fraudulently to take your money.