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Youth Financial Literacy Programs

Hudson Valley Credit Union wants all members, especially our youngest, to succeed financially. To help parents lay a good foundation for their children's future, we offer not only affordable financial products, but also special programs to make learning about money fun!

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M3 Money Club

A fun-filled savings program for kids 7 to 12 years old - Our M3 Money Club combines a savings account with fun and educational tools. With M3, parents have a new and fun way to bring financial education into the home. M3 introduces young members to an exciting world where superheroes rule and learning about money is cool.

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Elements of Money

Financial experts agree that money habits learned at a young age can last a lifetime. That's why we're excited to offer The Elements of Money™ -a program for ages 13 to 17 that combines the financial products and services teens need, with real-world educational resources. As a member, they'll learn to navigate through the world of personal finance, as well as learn valuable lessons in saving money.

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M3 Money Club

For our younger members, the M3 Money Club provides a fun, engaging website to learn about the basics of money. Cash and Violet will help them learn how to thwart the evil Dr. Spendit by learning good money habits early. With a quarterly newsletter, coloring pages you can download, and educational games, you'll actually enjoy teaching your kids about money management. Be sure to start them off young with their own Membership Savings Account at HVCU.

Elements of Money

Elements of Money

As a credit union member, your teenager can learn to navigate through the world of personal finance, as well as experience valuable lessons in saving money. Elements of Money offers a wide variety of financial topics as they're just beginning that journey towards independence - first job, graduating high school, heading to college. The Elements of Money website features:

  • Financial articles, a podcast, blog and even videos
  • A quarterly newsletter with timely topics
  • Contests to help them earn scholarship money

Once a Member, Always a Member

Start them off right by making your child or grandchild an HVCU member with their own Membership Savings Account

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