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Scholarship Winners Announced

After a year unlike any they had seen, our students proved that they are committed to not only creating a successful future for themselves, but also for their families, classmates, and communities. Congratulations to our winners of the NYCUA Scholarship Contest and the EverFi National Financial Literacy Bee!

NYCUA Scholarship Contest Winners


Congratulations to our top three statewide winners of the New York Credit Union Association (NYCUA) Annual Scholarship Contest: Reese McQueen, Timothy Pakrad, and Catherine Tan! This fall, Reese will attend Stony Brook University; Timothy will attend Monmouth University; and Catherine will attend Georgetown University.

In addition to the top three students, HVCU also awarded our own scholarships to seven students:
  • Jonathan Shah – Binghamton University
  • Emily Filachek – University of Scranton
  • Zaid Sahawneh – Columbia University
  • Marian Decker – Cornell University
  • Dominique Gooden – University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Zachariah Kuenzi – Western New England University
  • Clara Patton – Fairfield University
All totaled, the students earned $8,500 in scholarships through the NYCUA program. “We’re proud to help make higher education more affordable for students through this program,” said Mary Madden, President and CEO of Hudson Valley Credit Union. “Despite the many challenges of the past year, all of the applicants demonstrated hard work at school, home, and in the community in their entries. We hope these scholarships will have a positive impact on their college experience.”

EverFi National Financial Literacy Bee Winner

Congratulations to Marcos Cordova, winner of the $2,500 HVCU scholarship from EverFi’s National Financial Literacy Bee! The National Financial Literacy Bee walked students through four online courses that focused on the core principles of saving, and then asked them to submit an essay reflecting on what they learned and how they can implement the course material into their lives. Marcos’ essay captured our attention for his desire to create better lives for everyone in the Hispanic and Latin American communities by striving to one day provide affordable housing for immigrants. His plan demonstrated a clear understanding of the course materials and how simple savings methods can make a huge impact on our lives and those around us. Read Marcos'  full essay here.

Our partner, EverFi, sent us only students’ essays without names or ages, and our judges were surprised and inspired after choosing his essay to learn that Marcos was one of our younger students who entered the competition. His essay clearly demonstrated his communication skills as well as his thoughtful approach to an emotional topic that touches him and many others. We’re proud to provide him with a 529 Account Gift Card for $2,500 that he can use as he plans his future education. We hope to feature him again when he attains his dream.