Don't Fall Victim to Fraud

Fraud & Security
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Be wary of scams, especially callers claiming to be someone from HVCU’s Contact Center or  HVCU’s “fraud department” who want you to “confirm” important information such as your Internet Banking credentials, one-time passcode, debit card PIN or Economic Impact Payment (also commonly referred to as “stimulus payment”) status.

HVCU will NEVER ask you to respond to a text message while we are on a call with you.

  • If you receive an unsolicited text message in combination with a phone call from the "Contact Center" or “fraud department,” please STOP.
  • If you are ever directed by phone to reply “yes” to a text related to a transaction you did not perform, please STOP.
  • If you are asked to provide your Internet Banking credentials or debit card PIN under the premise of verifying a transaction, please STOP.
  • If you are asked to provide your one time passcode for Internet and Mobile Banking, please STOP. 
  • Hang up immediately and contact HVCU.

Always take the time to consider what a caller is asking of you. The credit union will never ask you to give us your one time passcode, debit card PIN or your Internet Banking credentials. Pausing to think for just a moment can prevent someone from using your information to take your money.

Thank you for helping us protect your accounts.

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