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Branch Banking Services

The services below are available in all of our branches to help you with your personal and daily banking needs.

You can use our online scheduling tool to schedule an appointment for select, non-teller transactions. 

  • Check Cashing

    • Access to your full check amount immediately; no waiting for the check to clear
    • Membership not required; no checking account needed
    • Checks cashed include: personal, payroll, handwritten, out-of-state, large dollar, government, insurance, attorney, and two-party
    • Avoid higher fees charged by check cashing facilities; we charge a fee of 1.5% (or $1.00, whichever is greater) of check amount for government and payroll checks and 2.15% (or $1.00, whichever is greater) of check amount for all other check types
    • Must be 18 or older and have a valid ID and Social Security Number or ITIN
    • Check cashing services are only offered in branch, not via drive-up windows
  • Branch Bill Pay

    • Over 15,000 payees available
    • Pay everything from cell bills, other utilities, gym memberships, and more
    • Members and non-members wishing to use Branch Bill Pay must have a valid ID and a Social Security Number or ITIN
    • Non-members must pay their bills in cash
    • The fee for a standard payment is $1.50. You can also make a next day payment for $2.50 or same day payment for $4.50
  • Coin Machines

    • No charge to use our coin machines
    • Money is deposited directly to your savings, checking, or tiered money market account
  • Instant Issue of Visa® Debit Card & PIN Resets

    • Get a card in minutes
    • Helpful when you need to replace a lost or stolen card quickly
    • Staff can quickly reset your PIN if needed

  • Visa Gift Cards

    New Cards coming in 2023.  Sales are temporarily suspended while updates are made to comply with new legislation.

    Visa Gift cards – Purchased Prior to December 10, 2022:

    • Pre-paid, non-reloadable cards, similar to retail and department store gift cards
    • Use anywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted
    • Member must be 13 years of age or older to purchase
    • Purchase amounts between $10 and $1,000, for a fee of just $4 per card
    • Activate your card, check your balance and purchases by visiting or calling Customer Care at 833.729.2843.
    • To report a lost or stolen card, call us at 845.463.3011 or stop by any branch
    • Cards expire after at least five years from date of purchase (refer to the expiration date on the card) 
  • Visa® CUMONEY® Everyday Spend Prepaid Cards

    • Prepaid reloadable cards available for members 13 and older
    • Use anywhere Visa cards are accepted
    • Order your card in any of our branches; you'll receive your card in the mail within 7-10 business days
    • Register your card once it arrives in the mail, which you can do at or by calling 833.729.2853.
    • To add funds to your card, download the CUMONEY® app, call us at 845.463.3011, stop by any branch, or visit any Visa ReadyLink location. You can also check your balance at or via the CUMONEY® app
    • Arrange to have your paycheck or government benefits deposited directly onto your card, up to a maximum of $5,000
    • Withdraw funds from your card at surcharge-free ATMs; locate ATMs at
    • Continuous fraud monitoring, and lost/stolen card replacement
    • View our Terms and Conditions for more information
  • Official Checks (bank or cashier’s check)

    • Often used for making large purchases, such as a home or vehicle.
    • Funds for the check are guaranteed; you may request a check for any amount up to your available account balance.
    • Free to members who have a checking account and Visa Debit Card and
    • $7.00 fee to members without a checking account and Visa Debit Card
  • Money Orders

    • Available for any amount up to $1,000
    • Valid for three years from date of purchase
    • $4.00 fee per money order; our PaySmart account offers money orders at a discounted rate
  • Western Union Quick Cash

    • Helpful when you need to get funds to an individual quickly
    • Transfer an amount up to $10,000 to any Western Union office in the country ($450 in Arizona)
    • Delivery of the funds is guaranteed within two hours from the time of request
    • Requests made before 4:00 pm ET are processed for same day outgoing transfer
    • Fees are dependent upon the destination of your transfer, with international transfers having a higher fee than domestic transfers
  • US Savings Bonds

    • Paper savings bonds are no longer sold at financial institutions, but we can redeem any existing bonds you have
    • To purchase bonds, visit the Treasury Direct website
    • At the Treasury Direct website, you can also manage and redeem bonds, convert paper savings bonds to electronic savings bonds, and purchase other Treasury securities, including bills, notes, bonds, and TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities)
  • Notary Service

    • Staff serve as witness to you signing documents
    • Service provided free of charge to members
  • Additional Branch Services

    • Stop payment requests
    • Check protests
    • ATM card replacement
    • Wire transfers 
    • Statement copies
    • Copies of cleared checks

    Refer to our fee schedule or pricing information.