Personal Account and Loan Forms

Our staff will generally direct you to this page when you need to complete a specific form. If you have questions about any forms, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Certificate Accounts

  • Use our online Certificate Account Instructions Form to withdraw dividends from your certificate account or to reinvest / distribute funds from a maturing certificate account. (The form is also accessible within Internet Banking and Mobile Banking from the Electronic Documents menu.)


  • Visit our IRA Service Center to learn more about IRAs and access a variety of blank IRA forms.


  • Lien Request Letter – Mail this form along with a payoff check to the current lien holder(s), informing them to send the lien release and/or title to HVCU.
  • Private Purchase Agreement – Use this form when purchasing a vehicle from a private individual as opposed to a car dealership.

Other Loans

  • MAP AutoPay – Enroll in our Mortgage Accelerator Program
  • Home Equity Line of Credit Overdraft Coverage Agreement – Set up overdraft protection for your checking account from your interest only home equity line of credit.